Lifecake and what to do with baby photos

how to share photos of your baby

As a new mother, I wish I hadn’t put off just one thing.

I want to share this with you.

Because I did not account for my brain to go to mush (easy mistake), there was a lot that I left till after the birth of my son.

I really wish I had found the time to record what day my son first smiled and first tried to roll over.

It is only now that I’ve found out about these cute milestone cards! I have found a few options to suit all sort of different stretchy mummies: just click on the image to visit respective site

household - Lifecake and what to do with baby photos
Mother&Baby provide a download as a gift with your subscription.
household - Lifecake and what to do with baby photos
G-Diapers provide these for free with no subscription
household - Lifecake and what to do with baby photos
milestone cards by hotMaMabreastfeeding
Today I pooed on Mummy
milestone cards by hotMaMabreastfeeding

If you want something more special and don’t have time to make them yourself check our Etsy – Milestone Cards, …oh! the sweet memories!

 So I was taking some photos but I never had a chance to look at them, let alone organise them. This something I struggled with for a long time because I didn’t want to be one of those people who fill their Facebook feed with photos of their child, planting seeds of future embarrassment for them.
household - Lifecake and what to do with baby photos
Poll by


This poll shows that I’m not alone either.

If anyone tells you that you are paranoid (my father thought I was!) send them this 2017 story of strangers downloading todler’s photos, to photoshop and re-publish.


It is a new platform by Cannon which promises longevity and reliability (we shall see!) but it has a great feature that you can download all your photos in full size anytime. If you are taking photos on multiple devices (for the first weeks, I placed a different camera in each room so I could capture ALL the cuteness) it is really helpful in organising all the photos in order. Whats more, when you scroll through, it tells you the age of your child down to a day AND its completely private, you invite relatives and friends via email link, it is simple and user-friendly enough for the older relatives to get a hold of and therefore perfect for the mother in law!

household - Lifecake and what to do with baby photosI think you can see, I got a bit addicted!

We are at nine months now, and I still use it to upload one photo per day (sometimes there’s a backlog but that’s ok).

If you need something like this in your life, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

If you have other solutions, please share.

What are you doing with your baby photos?

This post is not sponsored by Lifecake or Cannon, it is based on my own desire to share a positive experience.