Single Mum Support Groups

Millionaire Single Mom Facebook Group (Free) – created by Emma Johnson
‘Millionaire Single Mom is a community of professional single mothers passionate about building their careers and finances. No income requirements.
Not welcome: whiners, victims, blamers, bitching.
Also welcome: Smart discussions about parenting, dating, sex as they relate to single parenthood. This is not a mommy group. It is something else. Something better. ‘


Essential books which will get you on track

Kickass Single Mums by Emma Johnson
This book will raise your spirits, give a good dose of empowering statistics and a healthy scoop of raunchy chat about dating and you how are going to make it a reality. It is a must read for any single mother.
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Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food by Catherine Shanahan
I consider this the best book I have ever read. It is a doctor’s own exploration of medicine and research in the real world. Catherine explains what happens in our bodies on a molecular level depending on what we eat in a wonderfully easy to understand way. She is a fan of excluding sugar and good fats.
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Kickass Single Mommy Grant by Emma Johnson (single mum of 2)
Monthly award of $1000 to one single mom ‘committed to building a positive life for herself, her family and contributing to the world in a productive way.’

Unstoppable Mothers Award by Danusia (single mum of 10)
£500 is awarded twice a year to one mum to spend exclusively on herself and you can apply here.



Single Mum Travels
Let Tina show you the world as she travels with Rosa (4 months) and Joshua (aged 9).


Do you know of other resources that will be helpful to single mums?
Leave a comment below or drop me a line and I will update the list.

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