How to Make Money: 10 Ways to Profit on Maternity Leave.

How to make money online or on maternity leave

10 Ways to Profit on Maternity Leave. You probably know many ways to save and make money on the side, here I’ve assembled some ways which have worked for me within the past year.

Some are easy.

Others are fun.

And others take time.

But they’re all here.




The easy way: sell your habits

Earn a passive income by letting your usage habits be studied.

This study will provide information to help understand how people today watch TV, listen to the radio, use the internet and what sort of devices they do all these activities on. We’re asking people from all areas across the UK to build up this picture of media consumption in the UK today, and how this is changing over time. The information will be used to help shape the future of TV, radio, music services and the internet – it’s exciting! – Incompass

Incompass and MobileXpression are both research apps which gather data from your smartphone and other devices if you connect them. Reimbursement is as much as £20 for the first month with a smaller incentive on an ongoing basis.

household - How to Make Money: 10 Ways to Profit on Maternity Leave.
Screenshot of the first £20 Amazon voucher I earnt with MobileXpression




Listen to your cravings: eat delicious food for free

If you do just one thing – do this one. This app has brought me so many smiles I really recommend it.

Shopmium Review

It helps you to try new tasty products in your usual supermarkets …for FREE.

Here is what you do:

  1. Download if here: apple / android
  2. Enter this code to get your first offer: xe7x2
  3. When you are shopping check what offers are in the app
  4. You can use the app to ‘scan product’ to make sure that you have found the qualifying product
  5. Once you purchase the product you just need to scan product and receipt with your phone in order to submit a claim, within a couple of days you will have the money put back into your Paypal or bank account.

Don’t forget to enter welcome code: xe7x2

Download the app now.

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Eat free food – join the food sharing revolution

Let no food go to waste and meet great humans near you. ‘Join the food Sharing revolution’ by Olio App.

Here is how it works:

foraged for pears this morning, way to go #olioapp 🍐

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Get back some of what you are spending

Three different ways you can do this (pick your own):

  1. Get good credit card that will earn you point on your spending
  2. Buy what you can online and qualify for cashback
  3. Get incentives for choosing a provider for your: insurance (home, life, car etc.), mobile and telecommunication contracts and banking.

Quidco can help with all 3 of these. You qualify for cashback by visiting their site before you make an online purchase or sign up. It is particularly good for:

  • Baby purchases
  • New savings accounts and banking services
  • Phone contracts
  • Insurance and utilities
  • Travel: booking accommodation (if you want to take a Baby Moon or travel during your Maternity Leave.)
  • Gifts 

Sometimes you can earn £100+ for a single offer (and you are not spending any money that you would not have already spent). You don’t need to do every offer, be selective but keep an eye on the offers to make sure you don’t miss out on cashing in. It easy to reap the benefits – here is the payout from TopCashback showing on my bank statement:

household - How to Make Money: 10 Ways to Profit on Maternity Leave.

I found that not all transactions were tracked automatically and I had to pay a lot of attention to monitor this. So I recently switched to another site and have found even more variety here – Quidco

  1. Register
  2. Before you pay for anything online visit
  3. Once you find the deal, read the fine print
  4. Click the referral button and make the purchase.
  5. Remember: many of the deals are not exclusive to first-time purchases.



Take up trainspotting

Who catches the train in your family? Make sure they are claiming for all applicable delays. Megan the Money Saving Expert has written a great guide and to make it even easier there are a few free apps on offer:

  • TrainRefunds App (Android as well as Apple) is a trusted app from 2014
  • Apple users can try a new app created by a disgruntled student, TrainsFromHell (Apple only).




Be an Earth Mama and Recycle with Ocado

I love their broad choice of groceries – I can do shopping from both store-own brands and Waitrose and their service is superb! Happy client for a year and counting.

…and I always return bags, in fact why stop at shopping bags? Did you get something dry cleaned? Diaper packaging? You will be doing something nice for the environment at the same time as making a £. You get 5 pence per bag but I never managed to count mine! I would just joke with the driver “there’s MUST be 100 in there!!!” and wish him a great day. Delivery drivers need humour just as much as everyone else!

That’s up to £5 for recycling plastic bags! The credit will be deducted from your overall bill for that delivery. 


7 Sell your Marketing Data

When you are not working you are still playing a very important role in our society and that is – being a consumer. Market Research is a major part of our economy, this sector almost doubled in the UK last year to 4.8 billion and this is an industry that is all about studying consumers (and they pay). Market researchers get hired by corporations to answers their big questions: Should we change our product? How can we better serve our customer? How can we sell our customers more/better/different goods?

There are a few different guises under which this happens online:

Before you start: Understand the setup
You would have seen low-quality surveys out there, this is because the people who want the data are not the same people who collect the data. I think it is sensible to assume that all survey sites on the internet are middle-man-companies who see how much raw data they can get while pushing empty offers and then sell what data they have to research agencies or the like (if there is anyone out there with more insight, please correct me in the comments!).




Get Paid for Shopping & Other Tasks

ReceiptHog is a gamified mobile app where you take pictures of your shopping receipts to earn points. This is a slow but oddly enjoyable process which can eventually earn you Amazon vouchers up to £50.

Other apps I am currently testing: Field Agent, SlideJoy, CashPirate and AppRedeem.


9 Have you thought about working for yourself?

If you need inspiration
Start listening to my favourite podcast – SideHustleSchool

If you have expertise but you don’t have time
Try Clarity. It is consulting on demand and paid by the minute. Nick Loper has written a detailed guide on how to get started in consulting on Clarity based on his own experience.

If you have thought about freelancing but want to dip your toes
Try PeoplePerHour, this is a UK-based platform or Fiverr which is US-based. Why be constrained by geography? Sometimes if you are working as a parent it might help when you are doing your work later in the day.

To help you get started during your maternity leave, we have here £20 to spend with PeoplePerHour, so you can hire UK based talent to help you – claim your £20 now.



 Track you £££s

I want to share my favourite app to keep track of daily expenditure. It connects to your bank account and sorts the transactions into categories, giving you spending trends and comparisons between months. I like how it is empowering and not as mind-numbing as budgeting – Money dashboard.


Now it is your turn – please share your experience and tips in the comments below. Tell me how you make the most out of your maternity leave.