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Stretchy Mummy is about the everyday superwoman. Written by and for fellow mothers as a reaction to the modern-day environment where many of us are not that close with our families and it is easy to feel isolated amidst many expectations and cautions that our society has for us.

The stretchy mummy finds herself facing challenges she did not expect yet when she thinks she has reached her limit she discovers that she can do the impossible. We are all Stretchy Mummies.

Welcome to the club of generosity and sharing – a club of contributors to Stretchy Mummy!

Here you can leave your pearl of knowledge and experience to contribute to a useful resource to help fellow women plan for the stretch you have faced – your life-savers and your stretchy moments.

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- Contribute (whatever is manageable for you)
Yana helps single mums by researching productivity and wellbeing hacks which are easy to implement in a busy household. She believes that by supporting one another we can achieve our financial, romantic and parenting goals.