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Hey I’m Anna, a Polish girl who fell madly in love with a Danish guy and for whom she decided to stay in Denmark. I’m also a mom of two kids, I have a PhD in biofuels, and I’m a mompreneur.

 SM: That sounds incredible! Can you tell us more about biofuels?

Anna: A biofuel is a fuel that is produced through contemporary biological processes, such as agriculture and anaerobic digestion, rather than a fuel produced by geological processes such as those involved in the formation of fossil fuels, such as coal and petroleum, from prehistoric biological matter. Biofuels can be derived directly from plants, or indirectly from agricultural, commercial, domestic or/and industrial wastes. Hope that makes some sense?? 🙂

SM: Tell us something we do not know about you?

Anna: I love to crochet when I have time, read books and most of all to spend time with my kids and watch them grow to beautiful independent people

SM: When you were a child yourself…  did you have opinions about the sort of mother you may be?

Anna: Never! I hated kids and I always said to myself that I’ll never have one. Funny enough because now I have two and I can’t imagine not having them in my life.. and being a mom. That experience changed me totally as a person and only for the better. I became more confident in myself and very protective of my family and the dreams for the future we have

SM: Ahaha! I used to hate kids too! And I feel like my little one has unlocked a whole new side of me! It’s so great to connect with you!

SM: How was your first pregnancy? Did it go smoothly?

Anna: I hated being pregnant. I threw up the first three months with my first child and couldn’t walk for the last three months due to pain in my spine… I had to work while I did all that cuz the finances were really tight at that point for my family and I was the only provider.. my boyfriend was studying at that time so he didn’t earn anything… with my second pregnancy I felt nauseous for the entire 9 months… I couldn’t eat anything and it was always a struggle to keep anything in me…

SM: That’s tough! Did you find anything that helped ease the ‘morning’ sickness?

Anna: pizza!!! Hahah that was my food. I don’t know what they put in it but THE thing in it would work wonders 🙂

SM: How did you plan your birthing process?

Anna: With the first child I had cesarean, an emergency one because my child was having trouble getting oxygen so it needed to go fast to take him out of my stomach… The second pregnancy due to the caesarian, while the first one, was in a lot of pain… I spent 36 hours at the hospital before giving birth because my scar from the first pregnancy hurt so much… and they wanted to keep an eye on me just in case my stomach breaks into pieces!

SM: Yikes! It’s good to see that this didn’t happen! Your Instagram feed is full of what I would call ‘incredibly fit’ photos of you. What was that like, when you eventually started training? 

Anna: It took time 🙂 to get myself back into shape. I’m not a hero here and I was definitely not like one of those moms with a flat stomach after 2 weeks after delivering a baby. I still have too much skin hanging (gravity took its place I guess hahaha) and stretch marks 🙂 but who cares – I gave birth to two amazing people 🙂

SM: What is your most vivid memory of this time?

Anna: My kids crying all the time and me not having time to rest. I was so tired all the time. It was a nightmare having a boyfriend who’d rather sleep than help and I felt so alone.

SM: What do you remember about bringing your baby home?

Anna: I actually wanted to stay at the hospital because I knew at the hospital there will be people helping me while when I got home I would need to beg my ex for everything. So coming back home was not that exciting for me.

SM: Do you remember the next time you left the house?

Anna: I remember going for the walk.. and being so sore after the cesarean that I couldn’t walk straight – only bent over! It was even hard to push the pram because it felt like all the stitches were going to break!.

SM: How would you describe this time?

Anna: Busy.. tired..but very special. Especially when I could hold and breastfeed my child, I loved those few minutes ‘off-duty’ where I didn’t need to please anybody and just be myself.. funny that that was the moment that I enjoyed my babies the most… but the older they became the more I enjoyed them. They started eating… it has been so fun to see them grow!

SM: Do you remember what questions you were asking back then?

Anna: Loneliness.. lack of help (my entire family was in Poland, and his family wasn’t really participating at the time).. my Danish wasn’t very good at that point either so I was kind of excluded from mother group conversations. I do not have nice memories from that period of time.. with my second child I skipped all that and just focused on us and that period of time was much happier 🙂

SM: What did you miss from the life you had before you became a mother?

Anna: Up until a few month ago I missed my financial freedom. The ability to do what I wanted without all my expenses being multiplied by three… but since I became mompreneur I actually do not miss anything. I love my life as it is… with all the difficulties, happy moments and my kids in it 🙂 we are three musketeers and we support each other with their small hearts and my big one 🙂

SM: For you, what was the best part of what was happening at the time?

Anna: I was getting to know these small humans that were entering into a new world… it’s amazing to observe the development of a human 🙂

SM: Tell us about your [figurative] crutches at this time? (apart from chocolate)

Anna: guess carrots.. don’t know why but I simply loved them and Thai-food mad 🙂

SM: <Surprised> You didn’t eat chocolate?

Anna: no I wasn’t very much into chocolate haha but those sour HARIBO gellies 🙂 I could eat a pack of them in one go hahaha

SM: What do you say to expectant mothers now?

Anna: I would just say that it takes time and patience to survive this initial period. Once the baby is born, you won’t recognise your body straight away… You will find that it has changed. But the good part of being pregnant is that your own body is preparing you for the bootcamp-life with a newborn child, so make peace with the expecting period – it’s nothing compared to the sleepless nights you’ll find yourself with afterwards. Sounds like there is no hope hahah. What I mean those are the toughest things… The child is amazing and even though you won’t sleep you’ll love that small person more than the obstacles. So congratulations on becoming a mom 🙂

SM: What your family is like today?

Anna: We are three – I’m divorced. I live in a rental apartment but we are currently looking for our own place thanks to the online system I’m using which allows me to actually afford something on my own as a single mom. …and we have a cat named Miavek!

SM: How do you spend quality time together?

Anna: We talk and go for walks… We bike and we go to the playgrounds. We play board games and we paint:)

SM: How is your life different now, compared to when your child was an infant?

Anna: The life is much easier considering that you actually have a conversation with your kids and it’s not all about crying and figuring out what the heck is wrong. Now it’s more actually about communicating with one another and finding out how we can help each other. I try to teach my kids that we are all so different as people and we should focus on the positive aspects of every person and communicate the things that make us sad, because the other person may not even realise that something he/she did made us sad…

 SM: Would you like to tell us about what you do and why you do it?

Anna: I’m a girl who went all the way in her education and getting a PhD degree in order to live the life of her dreams and be wealthy enough to support her family at the point when she gets her. Education was always a big focus in my family cuz my parents believed that’s the key to being financially independent.

Life has turned out not exactly how I planned; I came to Denmark and fell in love with a guy and I decided to have kids with him. When we got divorced I was thrown out on the street with two kids, no danish knowledge, no place to stay and no job… For a few weeks I lived at my friends place until another friend of mine offered her apartment for rent..we took that.. but life was still difficult… then, as they say, one step at a time, I found a job and learnt the language.. but it was still not enough to pay the bills.. all that long education wasn’t fulfilling the basic needs of a single mom with two kids.. I decided that I will not allow my kids to pay the price for my break-up so I started researching on the web for a second stream of income… maybe it was the guilt, maybe sadness of working long hours and hardly seeing my kids or maybe the fact that I didn’t want anyone from the daycare to become my kids’ parent. So I decided to try the system that I’m an affiliate marketer for right now.

Since I started working online, our life is so much better. I see hope for the destination of financial freedom that I’m aiming for. Now I have more time for my kids and getting to know them as small individuals that are growing up. We have money to enjoy life, go for vacations and we do not worry of how much we have left in the bank account until the end of the month. I love my kids so much and I want so much more for my family…

SM: How can our readers connect with you?

The best way is to follow me on Instagram at.myworld.singlemomsway and if you want to find out about this system which has worked for me you can do so here, feel free to drop me an email at

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