It is often sighted that 1 in 4 new mothers find themselves isolated after childbirth, often the figures are even higher. Whatever way you look at it, post pregnancy is not an easy time and is fraught with challenges.

I hope to establish Stretchy Mummy as a place of support and sentiment that although our struggles may be different we all go through challenging times …and come out on the other end smiling (eventually).

We are all Stretchy Mummies!

Thank you for spending the time to peruse the site. I am grateful for your presence.You have made it this far so please share Stretchy Mummy with your social following. Every visit gets lets us reach new readers who are seeking real, actionable and practical information about motherhood.


Perhaps I should tell you about why I wanted to launch this blog?

I started writing when my marriage broke down. When I did not want to think about anything in my own life, I could not stop thinking about the information I wish I was able to find earlier. Surprised by the statics of how common my experience is and by extension of these other women who might find themselves in a similar situation and benefit from what I learnt.

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Yana helps single mums by researching productivity and wellbeing hacks which are easy to implement in a busy household. She believes that by supporting one another we can achieve our financial, romantic and parenting goals.

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